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Let's Talk About Our Brand

Sal Pepos, a brand that is born to remind us that food is essential for our holistic wellness of our most faithful companion - Our Body.
The name "SalPepos" is symbolic, with "Sal" representing salt, and "Pepos" encompassing various vegetables. These are staples in diets worldwide, so is SalPepos meant to be enjoyed by all alike without being geo-centric.
SalPepos uses GRAINPOWER of various native grains and millets to curate gut - healthy snacks & fresh bakes that you'll crave for and not just tolerate making us I Am Gutlicious
We aim to serve quality by abiding to 3 R's as our core drivers derived from Jain & Vedic philosophies about the impact of what, How and When we eat on our overall well-being.
Right Ingredients Right Intention Right Process (fresh ground flours and seasonings)
Sal Pepos the salt in your life!